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Pavitt Cottage Archaeological Assessment

Justin Maxwell and Jennifer Huebert, from Sunrise Archaeology, have been working in Robinsons Bay after The Pavitt Family Trust commissioned them to do an archaeological assessment on the heritage site on Sawmill Road. Their findings assessed the cottage, constructed sometime between 1855 and

1860, to be of high archaeological value, and that the surrounding archaeological landscape of the 19th century sawmill to be of medium to high archaeological value.

The Pavitt Family Trust have been concerned about the proposed Akaroa Wastewater Scheme being constructed on the boundary of their property and the impact this will have on the heritage site, and hope that this assessment will reinforce the historic importance of the area to the Christchurch City Council.

Click below to read to full report.

Pavitt Cottage 2020 assessment final May
Download • 12.83MB


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