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All about FRIENDS of Banks Peninsula

Our Objectives
  • Protect and enhance the environmental heritage of Banks Peninsula

  • Encourage and support activities related to the maintenance and re-establishment of the flora and fauna of Banks Peninsula

  • Act as an umbrella society to link individuals and small groups concerned with Banks Peninsula environmental issues

  • To enable residents and visitors to become more involved in the environment and conservation of Banks Peninsula

  • To work with local authorities and central Government to promote sound environmental practices

Our Organisation

We are an Incorporated Society managed by a committee of 8 elected at its Annual General meeting.

Our current committee (2022-23) consists of:

Jan Cook – Chair

Suky Thompson - Deputy Chair

Sue Church – Secretary

Gavin Sheperd – Treasurer

Brent Martin

Kevin Parthonnaud

Averil Parthonnaud

Annette Moore

Steve Carswell

Brent Schultz

Flore Mas

Geraldine Guillemot-Peacock

The committee meets on an as needed basis.

Our next AGM will be held in October and will be announced in News.

History and Achievements

FRIENDS of Banks Peninsula was established in 1990 to protect and enhance the environmental heritage of Banks Peninsula and safe-guard the environment for future generations.  Achievements over the years include:


  • Setting up the first recycling facilities in Akaroa now managed through Christchurch City Council

  • Extensive involvement with the District Plan and resource management process ensuring local environmental concerns are recognised

  • Promotion of marine conservation and protection of the harbour and its wildlife and natural environment

  • Many successful campaigns to protect the area from offensive developments including appeals to the Environment Court.


Over the years our work has gained the organisation recognition from councils and government agencies and we have become an established part of the environmental information network.


The Akaroa Wastewater campaign is currently the principle activity of the Society.

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