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Check if Council received your personal submission

Christchurch City Council has now posted all the submissions it received on its website.

We are aware that due to the failure of the Council’s on-line submission process some submissions disappeared. To make it easier for you to check if the Council received your submission we’ve alphabetised the list of submitters. If you made a personal submission and your name is not on the list, please contact Christchurch City Council – and email the FRIENDS too as we’d like to track this. Please note, if you only ENDORSED the FRIENDS submission and did not also make a personal submission, your name will not be on this list.

The Council received 236 submissions, and of these 72 also endorsed the FRIENDS of Banks Peninsula Submission. As we have now received 297 endorsements, that means an additional 225 people supported the FRIENDS submission. A whopping total of 461 people have directly participated in the process, with overwhelming support for the Purple Pipe network, and as a secondary option Disposal to the Harbour via a pipeline.

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