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Seaweek 2022 - Check out these great videos!!

Make sure you take the time to sit down and enjoy these great Seaweek videos created by some talented and knowledgeable locals. Click HERE to access the full video playlist!

Introduction – The beginning of our Seaweek video presentations! – presented by Sue Ritchie

Episode 1 – Women and Whaling – presented by Suky Thompson. A well-known local, Suky’s love of the Peninsulas history is shared as she tells us all about the history women and whaling on the Banks Peninsula area.

Episode 2 - The last whalers daughter - presented by Katrina Perano Jones

In this Episode Sue interviews Artist and Fisherwoman K.P aka Katrina Perano Jones.

K.P grew up where whaling had been the main livelihood for her family over generations. Her father was one of the last whalers in New Zealand - later became a whale conservationist working as a whale spotter for the Department of Conservation and assisting with the protection of whales.

K.P tells stories passed down to her from her family over the generations of whaling in New Zealand and shows us some trinkets from her family's historic collection.

Episode 3 – Life on an Alaskan Fishing Boat - presented by Kat Luper. Kat is a writer and shares her experiences as a sole female on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, and the changes she saw over that time in the fishing industry.

Also enjoy the ‘Wellerman’ Sea Shanty – performed by Akaroa’s very own ‘Tectonic Tones’. It was great to have our local choir involved and many thanks to you all for performing for us, with such a perfect backdrop!

Well done to 'Regenerate Banks Peninsula' for all of your effort pulling together this online event, and a huge 'thank-you' to all of the speakers and contributors!

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