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Regenerative Agriculture Seminar draws large crowd.

Our ‘Regenerate’ group had the pleasure of hosting Cornelia Holten, Sam Lang and Jono Frew for seminar about Regenerative farming at the Duvauchelle Hotel in October.

Holistic farm management and restoring soil biology were some of the topics covered, along with tips on how to sequester carbon from the soil.

Regenerative farming/gardening can be done at any scale (garden, lifestyle block, small or large farms), and the large turn out from many different walks of life proved it is a real topic of real interest to many.

If anyone is interested in starting a group about Regenerative Agriculture on Banks Peninsula to share experiences and information then email Geraldyne at or contact her through Facebook.

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The Friends of Banks Peninsula Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 9th November 2023, 6:30pm at the Pavitt Cottage, Sawmill Road, Robinsons Bay. All Welcome.


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