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First meeting of Working Party Wed 8 February, Gaiety Hall

The following were present at the meeting:

Working Party members:

Penny Carnaby (Chair)

Andrew Turner (Councillor BP Ward and Deputy Mayor)

Pam Richardson (Deputy Chair of BP Community Board

Christine Wilson (Chair of BP Community Board)

Kirsty Huxford (Environmental Advisor for Ngai Tahu)

Suky Thompson and Brent Martin (Robinsons Bay members Friends of Banks Peninsula)

Kevin Simcock and Mark Wren (Takamatua members Takamatua Ratepayers association) (No substitute person yet)

John Davey and Andrew Dalglish (Akaroa)

Murray Johns (landowner Paua Bay/Pompeys Pillar)

Bridget O’Brien (CCC Team Leader Asset Planning)

Penelope Goldstone (CCC Manager Community Governance – Rural)

Andrew Dakers (Consultant, Friends of BP)

Liz Carter (CCC Community Boad Advisor)


Kathleen Reid (Robinsons Bay)

Kit Grigg (Akaroa)

Will Johns (Pompey’s Pillar)

The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing and agreeing the Terms of Reference. Cost is not to be the concern of the Working Party, it is to find beneficial re-use solutions; parameters underpinning the Council’s current thinking can be re-looked at, alternative solutions are to be considered and prioritised to the next meeting. There was debate over whether the meetings should be open to the public and in the interests of full and frank exchange of views it was determined to work in closed meetings. Each community could appoint a substitute to attend in an observer role so that should they be called upon to take the place of a member unable to attend they would be up to speed.

The concerns of the community and its response through the Community Strategy document was explained and shared at the meeting (presentation attached) and was well received. That the haste to develop Thacker’s land as (seemingly) the CCC’s No. 1 site option was indicative of a pre-determination on the part of the CCC, and that investigation of Takamatua and Pompey’s Pillar sites should have a similar level of work done so that true comparisons can be made. The Chair agreed and asked Council staff to provide this to the next meeting.

Although Mr Thacker was willing to sell his land and this certainty of tenure was attractive to the CCC, it was only one consideration in finding the solution. The beneficial use aspect was another and the Working Party concluded with a discussion around the meaning of this term prompted by the final slide of the presentation.

Attached is a general overview of the working party meeting from Kath Reid who was able to attend as an observer.

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