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Thacker land in Robinsons Bay named by Council

Things took a turn for the worse for Robinsons Bay when the Working Party draft Terms of Reference was released and in that document was the mention, for the first time of

“the possibility of irrigation and ponds being solely on Mr Thacker’s land at 11 Sawmill Road, Robinsons Bay.”

This was naturally very upsetting to local residents and a meeting was called by FRIENDS of Banks Peninsula Wastewater steering committee for the surrounding land owners of the Thacker property and held at Pavitt cottage on Sunday February 5th. A presentation informed neighbours of this development and sought feedback as to their views on it. See notes from this meeting setting out the common view of the residents; the importance of the Pavitt cottage area to the community and the concerns of pond breach and flooding in weather bomb rainstorms that occurred from time to time.

Sue Church proposed Suky and Brent represent Robinsons Bay on the Working Party. This was unanimously agreed and understood that they would do so in their capacity as FRIENDS of Banks Peninsula Wastewater steering committee members.

The FRIENDS of Banks Peninsula Wastewater steering committee (Suky, Brent, Lee and Sue) met with Mark Wren and Denise Wren from Takamatua Ratepayers association committee the following day to review and respond to the draft Working Party Terms of Reference sent out by Council and prepare for the first meeting.

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The Friends of Banks Peninsula Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 9th November 2023, 6:30pm at the Pavitt Cottage, Sawmill Road, Robinsons Bay. All Welcome.

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