Wastewater Update and our AGM

Friends of Banks Peninsula updated the Robinsons Bay Ratepayers Association and had a discussion about “where to from here” before holding its own AGM on Sunday 22 October. View the presentation here.

The Friends of Banks Peninsula then passed the following resolution at its AGM:

The meeting resolved the following guidance to the Robinsons Bay representatives on the Akaroa Wastewater Working Party:

1. That wastewater must be treated to the highest possible standard appropriate for its end use and purpose;

2. That the impact of the quantity of wastewater irrigation must be considered and an open system be implemented so that excess water can be disposed of to the harbour or ocean

3. That land based irrigation should take the form of voluntary beneficial use rather than disposal

4. That any disposal shall not be within or close to populated areas and shall only be with the willing agreement of the landowner.”

5. That the Akaroa community is involved in the process of consideration

6. That education and water conservation measures, including the reduction in infiltration, form part of any proposal.

It was moved that the Friends of Banks Peninsula adopts, and will be guided by this motion.

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